“You are gonna be deleted” – Angela Okorie blows hot at colleagues for not liking and commenting on her post, says they are jealous of her

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie is set to block a lot of her colleagues after making an observation about them.

The mother of one noted how she follows some of her colleagues, yet they don’t like or comment on her IG post, yet she sees them leaving comments on other’s posts.

Calling them cheap gossip, she stated that they aren’t used to luxury or good things and as such she has decided to unblock them in 2024. She urged them to do the same to her, as she doesn’t need their fakeness in the coming year.

Angela went on to lash out at them, calling them envious bastards with low self-esteem as she promised to block them.

“I dey follow you and you no dey comment or like any post, and I dey see ur likes and comments on another page. It means you are cheap, in fact very cheap gossip with no pedigree that’s who you are. In fact, you ain’t used to luxury or good things of life amma about to unfollow. You unfollow back pls you can do all that fakeness off social media, envious bastards with low self-esteem. The only one and only Legit queen. You are gonna be deleted B4 2024”.

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