Nigerians react to a video of Tyla struggling to walk in her MET Gala dress

South African singer Tyla showed up to the MET Gala red carpet in an hour glass inspired dress that looked like it was made out of sand.

From the video shared, it was obvious that Tyla was uncomfortable and unable to walk on her own. Security personnel had to lift her from step to step.

Video below….

In the comment section, Nigerians were reading her up with sarcastic comments;

veli_corleone wrote, “I thought that was a mannequin”

realdammydre wrote, “See as dem bundle am like FA cup”

bobby.zaza.042 wrote, “Cus of paparazzi u come dy waka like person way get stroke”

bellokreb wrote, “I first think say na mannequin dem dey carry oo” wrote, “And She was wrapped up in shawarma paper”

wizkid_blogger_ wrote, “See girl wey win Grammy ahead Davido”

amah_00 wrote, “Why did they carry her like

dukeofzionn wrote, “Women are going though a lot on earth”

prince_01 wrote, “That that quy in blue cap wetin he Dey look”

iamjaydee_29 wrote, “I don’t like her she didn’t deserve that Grammy tbh”

iam_ajebuttar7 wrote, “I think say na mannequin him carry Breeze for carry tyla o”

techiejade wrote, “Na so dem go carry her all night???”

the_kentro wrote, “Why go through this tho cmon its giving everything Katt williams said”

vic_baba wrote, “I thought that was a doll”

forevercfr wrote, “Bloggers would say “see how a mannequin turned into a human being”.”

hofishalcleancase wrote, “Which kind suffer suffer dress be this one”

mrmarz wrote, “What can’t fashion and comfort go hand in hand?”

chocol&quin wrote, “I even thought it was doll baby o”

mayoral_wardrobez wrote, “What sort of fashion is this? She be mannequin?”

hrh_kingdiamond wrote, “I be think say na doll them carry o”

abdulllahibeezy wrote, “Even shakara no easy again o”

royale_john chucks wrote, “Thought it was a baby doll at first”

ottomaticgod1 wrote, “Felt it was a mannequin”

nedumphotography wrote, “Fashion shouldn’t be this stressful.”

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