“Stop marrying broke women” – Singer Rudeboy warns Nigerian men

In a recent development, Singer Rudeboy, whose real name is Paul Okoye, has sent a big PSA to Nigerian women.

First of all, he started by addressing Nigerian men by telling them to stop marrying a broke girl. He then questioned ladies on how that sounds.

He also questioned Nigerian ladies on why they were always broke shaming men. In his words, he had this to say,

“Dear men, stop marrying a broke girl. Dear ladies, how does that sound? Why always broke shaming men?”

Now, let us also recall that Tontrends had reported a few weeks back that Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma, had sparked pregnancy speculations over a latest video.

It started when netizens had expressed their opinion over her protruding belly and also bigger breasts. In a viral video, netizens speculated that she was pregnant while others stated that she could have possibly overfed.

However, addressing the speculations, she noted how social media users have been speculating she was pregnant since 1960.

In April of 2024, Paul had also shared some lovely moments with his ex-wife Anita to defend his relationship with his girlfriend.

Following netizens slamming his girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma and blaming her for his split with his wife, he revealed that he was in fact still close friends with his ex and that people were flying with speculations that made them sleep better at night.

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