Young boy expresses shock after encountering identical twins for the first time

An amusing moment unfolded when a young boy encountered a set of identical twins girls for the first time, leaving him both shocked and intimidated by them.

In the video posted online, the young boy seemed initially puzzled and couldn’t quite comprehend what he was seeing.

The twin girls, who were nearly his age, tried to engage him in play, but he repeatedly sought refuge with his mother, appearing hesitant to interact with them.

The video was captioned: “POV: My son’s reaction seeing twins for the first time🤣”

See some reactions to the video:

directtips360 said: “E think say na juju”

EmekaMaxsuc noted: “It’s not afraid of them because they are twins. He is just afraid of the other gender 😂”

Dawn said: “E shock am. He really cannot believe his eyes 🤣”

Big Kwes wrote: “Why were they stretching their hands towards him😹😹😹😹”

Orbit NG said: “The fact that they were stretching their hands towards him made it worse😂”

Z.X.S wrote: “For em mind he go say “see mistake” 😂😂😂”

KOA said: “Poor boy no wan turn victim. No be me una go confuse. 😭😂”

Precious wrote: “They should free him na 😂😂”

Star Girl said: “Baba Dey run from Billings 😂😂😂”


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