“Your future husband might be in your inbox” – Nigerian lady finds love on TikTok, shares marriage photos

A beautiful Nigerian lady has sparked discussion on social media after marrying a man she met on TikTok, who slid into her DMs.

In a recent post on a popular social media platform, the lady wrote a caption which reads: ‘You replied to that one DM on TikTok.’

In the accompanying video, the lady is seen holding a cup filled with wine, a customary gesture often performed during weddings and introductions.

In several other scenes, she is seen with the same man, along with several other people, all dressed in traditional attire on what appears to be their wedding day.

The video also captures the moment they officiate their union in a grand event.

The beautiful video has attracted the attention of social media users, who have flooded the comment section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

OMALICHA: “Congratulations to you dear but please can you explain for me you gave him drink 2 times I’m confused because na only once I know.”

Petite: “So Una dey see husband for TikTok 😂 I thought they said men on TikTok no be material 😩 una don deceive me again.”

Breezy: “All the women here are just deceiving themselves…make una dey reply DM…pride won’t allow u to reply your…. you’re here now crying…. Your future husband might be in your inbox eh big head.”

Queen mulla: “God help me do it for me before it turn to shame 😭😭😭 i will keep clapping for others till whenever you notice me God …. congratulations Nnem.”

Lovelymimi00: “Me that don’t reply to any chart 😩 make I start to Dey reply now ooo.”

shanty: “first was go and fry plantain 😅later they say go and charge ur phone 😔now is TikTok which one should I do.”



Still counting my blessings❤️😍#bride2024

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