I can marry someone my parents don’t accept, it is I who would live with the person I marry, not them – Singer Nasboi

In a recent conversation with Tacha on Cool FM, singer Nasboi opened up about his stance on marrying someone his parents may not approve of.

Drawing from his own family’s history, he explained that his parents’ inter-tribal marriage has taught him that love knows no boundaries.

When Tacha asked if he would marry someone his parents don’t accept, Nasboi responded with conviction, “Absolutely, I would.”

He shared that he’s had this conversation with his family before, and they weren’t too pleased with his decision. However, he believes that his parents’ diverse backgrounds – his mom being a Christian from Warri and his dad being a Muslim from Yoruba – have shown him that what may seem impossible can still work out.

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Nasboi emphasized that while his mom’s advice is valuable, ultimately, it’s his life and his decision to make.

In his words:

“I think I’ve had this conversation before and they wanted to kill me. My mum is not a Yoruba woman. She’s from Warri and she’s a Christian. Meanwhile my dad is Yoruba and Muslim. You see it looks like something impossible right? Yet it happened.”

“So I always tell my mum that if she feels like she has trained me well enough she doesn’t have to worry about my decisions. She can only advice because at the end of the day, it is I who would live with the person I marry, not her. So if she’s giving me happiness allow me marry her. That’s how I think about it.”

“I don’t think parents should be selective. They can advise, yes, they can see something they don’t like and tell me then I can find a way to straighten it out. Not that they’d say I should not marry her, because if I marry someone else who looks perfect to them, she may not be perfect for me,”

“I’m sorry to say, but our parents would die at one point so I’m the one who’s going to continue with my happiness or sadness. So I’m of the opinion that if parents see what they don’t like in our partner, they should tell us. But selecting partners for us won’t go well”.

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