“I cook better” – Throwback video of Hilda Baci challenging mother to cooking contest resurfaces

A throwback video featuring popular Nigerian celebrity chef Hilda Baci and her mother, popularly known as Calabar Pot, has recently resurfaced, reigniting the excitement surrounding their memorable coconut rice cooking contest.

The nostalgic footage has once again captivated the online community, evoking fond memories and prompting a renewed discussion on who emerged victorious in the culinary battle.

The resurfaced video, originally shared on social media, transports viewers back to the time when Hilda Baci and Calabar Pot went head-to-head in a heated contest to determine the ultimate master of coconut rice.

The now-viral video showcases the mother-daughter duo standing side by side with their individual pots, engaging in playful banter and friendly arguments, each staunchly defending their culinary prowess.

In the video, Hilda Baci is seen confidently asserting that her coconut rice recipe is unrivaled, while her mother, Calabar Pot, is equally adamant that her own version reigns supreme.

Their infectious energy and genuine camaraderie create an engaging atmosphere as they passionately debate and challenge each other’s cooking skills.

Accompanying the throwback video.

Hilda Baci’s wrote;

“Who do you think will win the contest? Let me know in the comment section.”

She further added, “My mum challenged my coconut rice recipe. She says hers is better, so we are about to have a contest. Who do you think will win? Let me know in the comments.”

Since resurfacing, the throwback video has quickly recaptured the attention of online users, generating a surge of nostalgia and reigniting the debate over who triumphed in the contest.

Video below;


Netizens Reactions…

@Greatness said; “Calabar pot mama for sure.”

@joyojuemi commented; “Even if na old or new recipe once u see mamas with those big hand forget dat food must sweet.”

@suzipearl wrote; “So many people saw the competition I saw legacy being passed on and it’s so cute to watch.”

@Aries said; “We no need taste the food. Na mama own make sense pass.

@MK commented; “Mama will win abeg give me some of Mama’s own then your own add it and give to the next person.”

@Harnihkeh said; “Go hilda go hilda go hilda.”

@Alisha commented; “Legacy passed on that’s what am seeing.”

@elizabethstarrissing said; “I thought d shape was false but she got it from her mum she got everything from her mum including cooking skills luv u.”

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