“If you don’t cook for your man, I go use food spoil am so he will understand what he’s missing at home” – Lady tells married women

A Nigerian lady vows to cook specially sumptuous meals for her husband’s friends whose wives do not cook to remind them what they are missing in their homes.

A social media user identified as @ifylicious1 took to the microblogging platform X to address the rising numbers of ladies who vowed never to cook in their marriage.

According to the lady, her way of passing a message to their husbands is by cooking for them whenever they visit her house.

“If you like don’t cook for your man, if your man is my man’s friend and my man invites him over, I go use food spoil am so he will understand what is is missing at home and leave your ass for a woman who can cater to his need🙄🙄🙄 ladies steadily living in delulu,” she wrote.

A lady, however, urged her to marry her husband’s friends whose wives don’t cook just to crown her point.

“My dear, consider marrying the man and his friend to impart a valuable lesson. These girls need to have sense,” the user wrote.

In response, the lady fired back, saying, “I see what you trying to do😂😂 I am a one man, one woman type of girl but believe me, there are lots of women out there who are willing to cater for your man if you dont. I will surly introduce him to one of you don’t sit up. I hate nonsense.”

Reactions as lady shades women who do not cook for their husbands
lord_OboteAyo said: “Biko, cook 2 weeks worth for him so he can take home. Cause how you go dey get fantasy say you wan cook for another babe man.”

Afolabiolamide8 penned: “You’re hitting the nail on the head …Right spot.. ehnn fine girl..”

Ribaaku_ wrote: “Your eye still dey outside, your husband should be careful, you will soon use food to sleep with his friend.”

TofuAB opined: “Male centered women disgust me. Pitiful lost soul.”

dillipscalar said: “A family member visited us with her husband.
After destroying the heavenly delicacy my wife dished, he jokingly told his wife that no wonder I was looking fresh and young. It was a subtle message. I hope his wife improves.”

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