Couple caught having s3x on British Airways flight in front of passengers (video)

A randy couple have been filmed performing a sex act on a British Airways flight from Heathrow in London to Dublin in full view of passengers.


The shocking footage taken on an early morning flight last week shows a woman touching a man under a ‘scarf.’


Farrah, 26, a passenger, was on the flight with her mum and brother and she filmed the couple.


She said;

 ‘I was turning to look at my brother every time I was speaking, and then I saw a lot of sort of vigorous movement in the other seats on the other side.

‘It was very blatant. She was constantly, for 15 to 20 minutes of the flight, at it with the guy.

‘They just carried on, which was shocking because there were children on the plane. There was a child running up and down who could have seen that.

‘It was just disgusting to be honest.’

 ‘We had about 38 minutes of the flight time left when I noticed it. It was quite embarrassing for me to be sat with my brother and having to witness that.

‘It was one of the smaller planes, making it a lot closer than the bigger planes.

‘You had kids running up and down the aisles, they were between four and eight years old.

‘A couple of them looked like five or six, and then maybe there were a couple that looked like they were eight or nine.

‘At that age, when they’re running past, they are going to look at something like that.

‘They covered themselves with a scarf, but it was quite obvious, as an adult, what they were doing.’


Watch the video below…

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