“I’m getting tired of wigs, the maintenance and the heat is all too much for me right now” – Vee Iye

Reality TV star, Vee Iye opens up about her tiredness with wearing wigs and discloses her intention to switch to a low cut hairstyle once she reaches the age of 30.

On the microblogging platform X, Vee expressed her exhaustion with wigs, citing their high prices, demanding maintenance, and discomfort from the heat. She emphasized that the current situation is overwhelming for her.

She wrote: “I’m getting tired of wigs. The prices, the maintenance, the heat. It’s all too much for me right now.”

Taking to the comment section, a fan with the handle, @OfficialAdeloye suggested that she go on low cut.

The fan wrote: “Go on low cut baby”

Vee replied: “Doing that when I turn 30 👀”

Check out other reactions that followed…
King wrote: “God bless you for saying the truth , u are one of the celebrities out there that’s sincere and honest 🥰🥰”

bankychummz stated: “Cut that hair…..no be do or die”

Son of Grace said: “Go barb your hair ..you’ll be free”

Adunni wrote: “Attachments are expensive tooooo”

Redfairylee said: “Wigs are sweet and easy .. it’s to just take it off …buy more of closure wigs instead of frontal ❤️”

Omotolani said: “Honestly, I’m tired of the prices”

Boidavidft1 noted: “I love you on braids”


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