“A real man does not let his woman have a male bestie” – OAP Nedu Wazobia

In a written development, OAP Nedu Wazobia has taken to his Instagram page to dish out some advice to men.

He listed out different advices aimed at helping men make better decisions in their relationship. He first advised men to not let their woman have a male bestie. He expressed that a real man will not let a woman that he intends to get married to have a male bestie.

He also revealed that a man could intentionally set himself up for failure with this if he let your woman have a male bestie. He also advised men to not spend money on women who they see no value with.

He revealed that men should only spend money if they see long term value in a woman and if not, they should refrain from spending money.

He dished out another important advice to men and women generally. He revealed that they should not fight another man or another woman for their partner’s love.

He advised men that if their partner ever cheats on them, they should refrain from fighting the man in question and rather face the women. He also advised women to face their men and leave the women if their partner ever cheats on them.

Let’s also recall that Tontrends had reported in September of 2023 that OAP Nedu had in an honest bunch podcast revealed that many influencers will not get married.

He explained that he understands how men think especially when it has to do with relationships. According to him, he revealed that a lot of men will be very hesitant to commit to people who frequently post pictures and videos of their exposed bodies.

He stated that men often discuss these intimate details with each other and it would make it less appealing for them to consider marrying an influencer based on that public image.

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