“We will exhume Mohbad’s body for autopsy if there is a need” – Lagos State PPRO reveals

Amidst the lingering questions surrounding the untimely demise of the talented musician Mohbad, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr Benjamin Hundeyin has made a significant statement that has captured the attention of many.

The PPRO revealed that they are prepared to exhume Mohbad’s body for autopsy if deemed necessary.

The decision to consider an autopsy comes from the ongoing discussions and speculations regarding the true cause of Mohbad’s death. While initial reports pointed to an ear infection as the cause, doubts and suspicions have arisen, leading some to question whether there might be more to the story than initially believed.

In particular, Dr. Olufunmilayo, a prominent figure on Twitter known as “ourfaveonlinedoctor,” has been vocal about his concerns surrounding the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing. Dr. Olufunmilayo has called for a comprehensive autopsy to be conducted to uncover the truth and put any lingering doubts to rest.

The suggestion of exhuming Mohbad’s body for autopsy reflects the gravity of the situation and the importance of ensuring a thorough investigation into the cause of his death. While it’s common for autopsy procedures to be carried out in cases where the cause of death is unclear or contested, it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Mohbad’s burial, which took place just two days ago as reported by Kemi Filani, was not without its own controversies. In a video circulating online, youths were seen obstructing the burial, expressing their belief that the late singer deserved to be laid to rest in a more suitable location due to his celebrity status.

The unfolding events and the desire for clarity regarding Mohbad’s passing have led to a more stern call for transparency and a thorough investigation. While the initial assumption was that an ear infection was responsible for the tragedy, the voices of those close to Mohbad continue to harbor their doubts prompting discussions about the need for a comprehensive autopsy.

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