Wife calls out husband for using money for CS to buy dog, phone

A Nigerian woman who recently welcomed a child calls out her husband for abandoning her on a hospital bed and using the money for her CS to buy a new phone and a dog.

A social media user identified as @Pharm_prenuer took to the X platform to cry out for help while battling for her life.

According to the new mother, before she had her child, she battled shortness of breath which was followed by a professional advice to undergo CS – Cesarean section.

Luckily, she got N500K donation from a samaritan only for her husband to use the 180K she sent to him to buy a new phone and a dog.

How my husband use money for my CS to buy a dog and a phone

“Dear Twitter Nigeria, I am appealing to you all for your help to save my life to stay alive to nurse my new born child. I got traditionally married recently and took in. I thought that was the best thing that happened to me, everything was going well until I entered 35th week.

“I suddenly developed shortness of breath, I could barely walk 2secs without being out of breath. Thinking it was one of those symptoms of late pregnancy, I didn’t take it seriously until the 14th of April when I could barely breath, I couldn’t lift my head up.

“I was rushed to a nearby clinic, they couldn’t handle me, so I was taken to my hospital where I was admitted and placed on oxygen. They Drs told my husband we should opt for CS, as I and my unborn child were at risks..my husband said no, that I’d definitely deliver naturally.

“He insisted he had no money for CS, they should work on stabilizing my breathing…so for three days, I was on oxygen and feeling better, seeing that I was responding to treatment, my husband went around and insisted I should be discharged against Drs advice.

“It almost became an issue, I was too weak to argue with him, he insisted on discharge so I was discharged early the next morning. A few hours after we arrive home, the breathing problems started again. I struggled with it, this man went and bought Agbo from one Yoruba woman.

“Told me to drink, it would make my baby turn it’s head for natural delivery, the other Agbo could make my cervix slippery. i was in so much pain that I drank only for the pain to intensify. I struggled so much till about 1am in the morning when I couldn’t take it anymore..

“I cried out, my neighbors came running and I was again rushed to the hospital, admitted and placed on oxygen while my Drs determine what to be done, my husband insisted he had no money for CS..all these while I was spending my life’s savings on medications, this and that tests.

“This dragged on until the morning of 29th April, I was broked,my baby wasn’t moving, my breathing wasn’t good, I can’t pushed and my baby’s position was beached. I cried out on Facebook where a kind Samaritan sent me 500k to pay for CS and whatever else I might need afterwards.

“I immediately sent the sum of 180k and an additional 60k so he could pay for the surgery and whatever we might need.
He took the money and spent it instead on a phone and bought a dog.
While I was battling with life, thinking he was paying.
We waited from 10am when I gave him.

“The money to about 2pm, Drs were shouting, time was running out, I had to call his sister, counted another 180k and gave her, she’s the one who paid. he came at 6pm when I was been wheeled into the theater. i could hear both of them fighting, the sister threatening to arrest him.

“I’ve given birth through CS and he has currently abandoned me, my new born baby girl and my aged mother at the hospital, we have spent all we have on bills, medications, tests, food, so many other things, I’m stranded and do not know what else to do.

“To verify that I am not lying, I’m admitted at Alimosho LGA General hospital Igando along university of Lagos-Isheri road. Post natal ward 212, Mother and child care Unit..patient name Susan Ubangha.”


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