Singer Mayorkun denies knowing Nicki DaBarbie, announces intent to sue despite her arrest

Nigerian singer Mayorkun has publicly responded to the arrest of controversial influencer Nicki DaBarbie, strongly denying her allegations of misconduct.

In a recent tweet, the artist expressed his disbelief at the accusations and announced his intention to pursue legal action against DaBarbie, despite her current detention.

Mayorkun clarified that he has never encountered Nicki DaBarbie in person and was entirely unaware of her existence until the allegations surfaced.

Addressing the serious accusation that he and fellow artist Skiibii attempted to spike her drink for ritualistic purposes, Mayorkun emphasized his innocence and condemned the ease with which such claims spread online.

Reacting to the allegation, Mayorkun said; “You know, I was going to let this remain as a court case but when I checked the comments under some of the blogs where these ridiculous allegations were posted, I was quickly reminded of how gullible most people are on the internet and how they are ready to run along, spreading any negative news without any form of clarity.

“Just for the record, I never met that person on the said day, still never seen that person till this day, never knew about that person’s existence not until those allegations came up.. yet she claimed I put ‘something’ in her drink.
A lot of people believed that story and you think I’ll let this libellous claim fly? Hell fucking NO!

“I took this time off because I didn’t want to act out based off of emotions, because if I did; I’ll definitely act out of character and that is not who I am.

“For weeks; I’ve been getting calls from brands I work with, colleagues, friends & family about this rubbish and you know what makes it worse? You social media commentators, internet police, even people I used to think I’m cool with.. scrambling for the tiniest bit of clout and relevance, cluelessly jumping on anything not bothered if it’s someone’s life or career on the line; it might be yours tomorrow.

“I wanna re-instate, I have never seen this person before even as I am typing this! I still haven’t set my eyes on this person.. Like what else can I say? How else can I prove this?

“There’s no need for me to ask for an apology where I won’t get any. I just needed to say this publicly and get it off my chest.. cos if it was a case of ‘cancellation’ as many people are quick to do, I for don go back to dey find work for bank.

“But as they didn’t wait to hear my side of the story before they slandered my name, I would keep the same energy and not listen to anyone’s opinion while I press full charges.. even though I’m aware she’s remanded in prison at the moment but not on my own charge.. YET!”

See the screenshot of the post by Mayorkun below (swipe to view more);

See reactions below;

bah_mee_: If someone is guilty, that is when you will see that he will be trying so hard to defend himself.

diary_of_lisha: Why is no one talking about how intelligent this Dude is, very constructive speech with pauses, punctuations and correct spellings 👏.

konjo_leyla:  In my experience as his past US Tour manager, I have never encountered an artist as disciplined as him! Kudos to his parents and his management for instilling such values. Such dedication is a rare find.

iam_princesselly:  If she had died , it would’ve been very hard for you to clear your name so don’t accept any apology o, press full charges so others can learn from this ✍🏼💯.

director_martins: Now see clearing and forwarding, God bless you as you came out to speak your part of the story even though the case is still in court. You’re a great man Mayor!!! ..and this is exactly what that mumu boy “my type of fewawi” needs to do. Come out speak your part about Mo ish & the internet people won’t cancel you and you will keep dropping your music but igbo o ni je ki Iyen gbon. Ashiere omo. Weldon jare Mayor of Lagos.

director_martins:  If you later back down, I won’t like it. Nah women like her put her for all this wahala. they were so quick to judge, awon feminist oshi Press those charges. Let her learn. I’m at your back.

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