“My husband is married, he has baby mamas which I know of before being with him, anytime he posts his wife I’m not sad” – Portable’s new baby mama Ashabi spills

Nollywood actress and baby mama of singer, Portable, Ashabi has revealed that she is unbothered anytime he flaunts his wife, Zainab on his social media pages.

In her defense, the upcoming actress noted how he is married and has multiple baby mamas before her.

Ashabi questioned who would help her in taking care of Portable if she succeeds to drive away Zainab as only she can’t take care of the controversial singer alone.

Calling him her husband, she praised him for taking care of her as she noted how many single guys can’t do half of what he is doing for her.

Ashabi while making it known that she is happy in her situatioship with the singer, promised to be by his side forever.

Slamming online in-laws, she told them to allow her be as she is also one of the singer’s wives.

In a now-deleted video, she said,

“My husband is married, he has baby mamas which I know of before being with him. Anytime he posts his wife I am not sad, because I know she is his wife.

If I pursue her who would be taking care of our husband? I can’t take care of him alone, he is our husband. I can’t send her away and besides I am not the first woman to get married to a married man.

I am not sad, I am happy that I have him. The single guys can’t even do half of what he is doing for me. God knows that my heart is happy and he would be my husband forever. God wouldn’t ruin his home for him or allow his wife leave cause I can’t take care of him myself.

I knew he was married before I entered an affair with him.

Online in-laws, what’s your problem that you’re telling me to leave someone’s husband alone? You don’t want me to be depressed but you’re in my comment section saying a lot of things”.

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