‘It became another trauma with the news that you were buried alive” Bukunmi Oluwasina bades Mohbad farewell with touching note

Following the candle light procession of young talented singer, Mohbad who passed away on Tuesday last week, Bukunmi Oluwasina has bid him farewell in a touching way.

The Yoruba actress, who seems to have been close to the late singer, shared photos of her from the procession along with an epistle.

She revealed that the sudden news that he was buried alive has become another trauma for her as her head refuses to remember or picture him fighting for live.

She stated that her heart won’t take that in, so she doesn’t get to remember him in pains and drop a tear every time she does so.

For her, her heart word always remember him as been taken away from us unannounced to a place where she can finally find the leave he has been praying for and singing about.

Telling him to go to sleep, she assured him that God is fighting for him and the whole nation is helping him get justice.

Read her touching note here,

“I raised you a candle last night too like the rest of the world yesterday dearest friend.

But I have no words to say here, nor a thing to write cos of the sudden news flying around, that you were buried alive.

True or false, I don’t know.
But, It became another trauma for me as my head is refusing to remember or picture you waking up under the ground, only to start fighting for breath and fighting for your life like you did while on the ground.

No, my heart won’t take that in. So I don’t get to remember you in pains and drop a tear every time I do.

My heart would always remember you as been taken away from us unannounced. To a place where you can finally find the peace you have been praying for, singing about, and fighting for all your life.

Go to sleep dear friend, You deserve the rest.
Cos I see God himself, fighting for you already.

I see why.
You have always being very special and precious to him like the apple of his eyes, Imole.
The whole nation and beyond can’t even rest since you left.
You are loved brother, and you live on in light.

Only if they knew, they wouldn’t have touched you.

God leads with us as we find you justice my friend.
He leads us to victory
Cos I know no one fights it better, than the one who owns the battle.

On this day, I pray your light continues to shine in this dark world as always.
And may God continue to look after all that is yours and the ones that genuinely loved and cared about you, that you left behind.

Keep resting ILERIOLUWA.💔💐
Say me well to my Dad.
Till we meet again to part no more.

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