“There was no evidence that he slept with the girl” – Yomi Fabiyi gives update on Baba Ijesha’s case

In the latest update on Baba Ijesha’s legal case, Yomi Fabiyi shared that the process of appealing his sentence is still ongoing in court.

As you may recall, Baba Ijesha was arrested and sentenced to 5 years in prison for the alleged r@pe of a minor, the adopted daughter of comedian Princess.

In a recent interview, Yomi Fabiyi provided an update on the case, stating that the appeal process is still ongoing in court.

According to Yomi Fabiyi, there was no conclusive evidence presented in court to prove that Baba Ijesha engaged in a sexual relationship with the minor. As a result, the judge did not impose a life sentence.

Yomi also mentioned that Princess had called Baba Ijesha to participate in a skit, and the minor made a similar statement in court.

Additionally, Yomi stated that the individual who allegedly engaged in a s3xual relationship with the minor has not been held accountable and that the minor’s age was not 14 as previously reported.

He said:

“Baba Ijesha’s appeal process is still ongoing in court. There was no evidence that he slept with the girl; that was why the judge didn’t sentence him to life imprisonment. He was called by Princess to shoot a skit, and the girl also said in court that she was called to shoot a skit. The person who actually slept with the girl is walking freely. The girl’s age is not 14. They never gave the court her birth certificate. We are waiting for the appeal court judgement”.

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