Married father of two reportedly elopes with his landlord’s 20-year-old daughter

A man who is married with two kids has been accused of eloping with his landlord’s 20-year-old daughter.

The man known as Manlafy Danso is a tenant at a residence in Wellingara Coastal Road in the Gambia.

According to reports, the girl and Danso, a Niamina Sotokoi local, vanished on Friday, May 3, 2024, on Wellingara Coastal Road.

The girl’s parents soon lodged a complaint against him, and the two are still being sought after.

The 20-year-old’s father expressed his distress to a journalist, claiming that Danso had manipulated his daughter using spiritual methods.

She said:

“This is far from ordinary. He manipulated my daughter through some spiritual means. My daughter had just completed memorizing the Holy Quran, and we were even preparing to commemorate her achievement. We searched everywhere but couldn’t find them. I am sure they are staying in a guest house. He is a criminal who is known to the police,” he said.

Another relative of the landlord’s daughter disclosed: “Manlafy is a dangerous criminal. He abducted the girl.”

The family is asking anyone who knows where they are to get in touch with the closest police station.

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