Man in pains as girlfriend dumps him to move in with his best friend

Heartbroken man considers involving a native doctor as he recounts how his best friend betrayed him by cheating with his girlfriend.

The man took to social media to pour his pain out on a social media platform as he shared the saddening story.

He revealed that he found out that his girlfriend was having an affair with his best friend.

She moved out upon the discovery, and before she did, she destroyed a lot of things in his house.

The man expressed that the pain he feels over the betrayal is so intense that he is thinking of tabling their matter before a native doctor.

He added that he is always saddened seeing his girlfriend enjoying life with his best friend.

His words …

“Hi Auntie Momoza, please keep me anonymous.

I’m a 28 years old gent residing in Egoli. I was betrayed by my best friend after finding out that he was cheating with my girlfriend. I tried to confront both of them and my girlfriend ended up moving in with him at his place.

On the day when my ex girlfriend was moving out , they decided to break my belongings and property. I suffer from ulcer and guess what? they decided to throw away my medication and all the stuff that help me with my health, they went as far as breaking my extra glasses that I use when I read and watch TV. I tried opening a case for both of them but it seems like they get away with everything. it’s so painful seeing my best friend enjoying life with my former girlfriend, but what pains me is that the two people I trusted and loved betrayed me as a team. They went as far as using my weaknesses to destroy me. I’m full of anger everyday and I’m even thinking of wrong things that might lead me being jailed or having a criminal record.

so I wanted to ask the anonymous society if it’s a good Idea for me to call a traditional healer so that he do some rituals on the property they destroyed? please don’t judge me coz I live in pain everyday and I can’t heal from what they did to me. this happened around January and even now I still don’t have peace. I’m so impatient to wait for God to avenge on my behalf.”

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