I joined my mum to sell akara – Don Jazzy recounts little beginning

Veteran musician, Michael Collins Ajereh also known as Don Jazzy has said that the memories of selling akara with his mother in Ajegunle is what motivates him.

He spoke about his past experience as a child selling akara with his mother in hopes that the “big customers” would see him and give him money during his appearance as a guest on the Zero Conditions podcast.

Don jazzy said that the period really influenced his life and most people who claim to have had a struggling start never really did have one.

Recounting his humble beginnings, Don Jazzy stated;

“I remember it like it was yesterday… I remember sitting down with my mum frying akara there, sitting on the bench there in Ajegunle, and any big man that passes by with their Peugeot 504 or Mercedes 230 or whatever and they come to buy akara.

I also remember the thought in my head, ‘I wish this man would just look at me and go Young boy just take this, I know that you need it’ or something like that.”

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