“I had to put myself in May Edochie’s position, that woman went through a lot” – Sarah Martins says as she speaks on genesis of fight with Judy Austin (Video)

Sarah Martin, a former friend of Judy Austin, has persisted in harassing the actress regarding an outstanding debt.

The actress attacked Judy in a video posted on Instagram, calling her out for blocking her while still owing her money.

She continued by explaining why she had abruptly decided not to support her any longer.

Sarah claims that she considered May and made the decision to put herself in May’s position, She then realized that she had been hurting a woman that she hardly even knew or had contact with.

Sarah pointed out that Judy had only provided her with secondhand information for anything she had said about May.

Sarah admitted that she had never met May and had never had a close relationship with her.

Sarah continued by saying that she was no longer interested in meddling in family matters and that Judy Austin should return the money she owed her.

“Every night Na you them dey knack, Na you them dey cuddle. I no follow you dey knack. Why I go dey accumulate enemies every single day because of you.

“Na so she take block me without paying me my money. You dey owe person dey block am. Na ment?” she said in parts.

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