“You can’t be living in a house and not pay rent” – Comedienne Kiekie on why she splits bills with her husband

Kiekie, a comedienne known for her candor and humor, recently revealed the state of her family’s finances.

During a podcast appearance, she discussed her decision to share and split bills with her husband in order to provide a more stable partnership.

She emphasized the importance of both partners contributing financially when sharing a household.

She went on to say that splitting the rent makes her feel more comfortable in her own home. She stated that, when you’re paying the rent, your husband cannot tell you to get out of the house and this is because she contributed half of it.

“I tell women this, How will you be paying in a house and not paying rent? On my birthday, fly me to Dubai, buy my designer bag; beautiful. But that I will be living in that house and not pay is impossible. So that when we divorce, you carry chair, I will carry television; you carry roof, I carry floor; you can’t just tell me get out of my house,” she said in part.

Watch the video below:

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