Moment fearless lady crushed snake with her feet (Video)

A woman has left many shocked after using her feet to crush a deadly snake.


It happened that the snake entered the school where she teaches. While people scampered to safety, the woman went after the snake and user her feet to crush the snake’s head.


Read some reactions below:


VERIFIED homie said: “Brave Serpent crushes the head of a serpent with her feets”


Faith Edache noted: “She exercised her authority as a child of God. Amazing to see”


SOLO P wrote: “With the write up I already know she’s not from Nigeria, because Nigeria women only knows how to collect money from their husband than to defend anything. No offence”


Balatic said: “Only the head is dangerous. She did the right thing. Very courageous”


OG wrote: “I pity the woman husband if he do anyhow lasan”



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