“I couldn’t imagine a better person to have fallen in love with” – Angel Smith tells Soma

BBNaija star, Angel Smith has penned an emotional note to lover, Soma on his 32nd birthday.

In an Instagram post, she declared that he’s the one.

According to the reality star, she couldn’t imagine life without Soma.

She thanked God for bringing him into her life.

She wrote:

“Apricity- the warmth of the sun in the winter, that’s how I would describe you and that’s what you are to me, warmth but not only to me to everyone around you, you have a way of warming up even the coldest of rooms, it could be with that boisterous laugh, so full that you ask to be noticed not in a way that is attention seeking but in a way that announces that someone beautiful is in the room and I’m sure anyone who has heard your laugh has seen the gleam in your eyes that comes immediately after, I’m jealous of them, jealous that they get to experience it, that they get to experience you.

I can’t imagine how 32 years has been, I’ve never lived it neither do I know but I guess it was determination that got you here, you’re so determined, I see it every time you repeat a task over and over again until you get it right, or when you bounce your legs repeatedly when you’re getting frustrated but still want to meet up to a goal, I also see the determination when you smile, when you have that deep smile line just by the side of your cheek, maybe I thought about it too deeply but in my mind, its probably there because of all the times you had to smile even when you didn’t feel like, all the times you had to mask because even if it made no sense you were determined to make it make sense. I would tell you how many birthmarks on your body I have counted secretly but I would sound creepy and I know you say I never notice anything but I do, how else would I have written this sappy birthday note?

Happy birthday Somadina, truly you shall never walk alone, you’ll walk with happiness, prosperity, abundance, health, wealth, love and hopefully me and even if not for the rest of our lives, I couldn’t imagine a better person to have fallen in love with, to know you is to love you, to know you is to cherish you and you deserve the very best life has to offer. 32 shall be nothing short of what you imagined, it will even be so much more than you ever did. Here is to another year around the sun, although I don’t know how you make it that the earth travels around you whilst you’re still here with us. I love you so very much, you already know what I’m going to say,

-Have a ball,


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