Woman passes loyalty test by waiting faithfully for husband sentenced to 13 years in jail

Mama Rita, a Kenyan woman, has reunited with her recently released husband after more than ten years behind bars.

She proved her loyalty by waiting for her husband Francis Mburugu and remaining devoted to him for the 13 years he spent behind bars.

After being found guilty of murder in 2010, Mburugu was sentenced to time in various Mombasa, Embu, and Meru prisons.

Mama Rita acknowledged how difficult life had been when her devoted husband was imprisoned in an interview with TUKO.

“It was so tough, at some point, I wanted to terminate the pregnancy, but I was told there was no need. I used to lock myself in the house because I was stressed.

My firstborn was five years old, I was also pregnant when my husband left, and I didn’t know how to go about that situation. I nearly starved myself to death. I wasn’t eating, and I locked myself in the house crying every day,” she narrated.

The wife claimed that as she waited patiently for her husband’s release, she found strength in the help her church and pastor gave her.

“The church was very supportive, especially my pastor. Sometimes, when I went to visit my husband in prison, he would accompany me. He would encourage me and ask me to be patient, but at that time, I didn’t see myself pulling through,” she added.

By being faithful and celibate until her husband was released from prison, Mama Rita said she had successfully passed the loyalty test.

The man was, however, extremely moved by his wife’s loyalty to him over the years, which demonstrated her great love for him.

“I think it’s just by the Grace of God. I never knew she would wait because, indeed, those years are so many,” he said.

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