“Why I date 18yrs old girls and break up with them before they turn 24” — De General (Video)

Popular skit-maker, De General expresses the reason he’s unable to continue dating a lady when she turns 24, but prefers girls between 18 to 24 years of age.

The content creator explained that he usually dislikes dating women who are past 24 years old because they pressure men for marriage.

According to him, he prefers to date ladies who are within the age bracket of 18 to 24 years because they’re simple to be with.

He explained that girls within that age bracket rarely pressure men for marriage but focus only on the casual dating experience.

This stirred reactions from netizens …
bishy.opeyemi said: “It’s not funny, just as your skits are not also.”

ab_phill opined: “He is obviously looking for young and naive girls to manipulate”

wendy_adamma wrote: “No worry e go reach your daughter turn soon.”

ladyque_1 stated: “You go just open mouth waaaaa”

sweezzy1 noted: “One day you’d look back no one will be there !”

lifeoflagos_ asked: “Seyi apprentice is that you?”

Watch video below …

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