Lady warns men against getting married if they are broke

Nigerian lady receives backlash after her passionate appeal to men who get married despite being aware that they are broke.

The lady went on a long rant which she shared to the followers on her Tiktok page, @pearlezeoru4.

She dragged the men who were fond of engaging in this sort of behavior.

The young lady believes that only a man who is financially capable to handle responsibilities should venture into marriage.

According to her, it is selfish of the man to take a woman from her parent’s house where she is comfortable, and get her to live with him knowing he cannot provide for her.

Reactions to her video below

@amosjoel272 wrote: “poor men don suffer 😫😩😢😢 people like me wey no even get anything”

@Skinny asked: “Abeg where una Dey come out from??”

@aimurie_bee said: “Just send it directly to your man. No pour me spit”

@yhung_papii asked: “Wetin broke guys do broke girls? Are they not supposed to be twinning?”

@ladya_crochet replied: “Broke and jobless women shouldn’t even be thinking of getting married too, even if your husband to be is a billionaire”

@theeliteuwa_ opined: “Na truth you talk but you no get manners. See the way you talk yen yen yen”

Watch the video….

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