Video of little baby’s hilarious sleeping position stirs reaction as it goes viral

A viral video featuring a little baby in a unique and amusing sleeping position has captured the attention of many social media users.

The video shared by @bebeschte02 has captured the attention of over 4.3 million viewers on TikTok.

The adorable video depicts the infant peacefully asleep with its legs folded, resembling a pose akin to someone deep in prayer.

The baby’s face rests comfortably on the bed, while its back faces upward in a position that defies the conventional norms of sleeping.

In the video, a person could be seen interacting with the sleeping baby, gently tugging on one of its little legs.

To everyone’s surprise, the infant swiftly withdrew the leg, maintaining its original crunched sleeping position.

Netizens Reactions…
@Monica Regina539 said; “A treat, a little bit of people. If only I could put it on my lap, smell it. I had only one Daughter, she was Special, today she is with God.”

@Enza Iodice commented; “When it’s nice, leave him, let him stay in the position he wants, he’s not a doll, let’s play with him, close, pulling his little legs.”

@alciramendoza reacted; “They still don’t assimilate that they are no longer in the womb and that they were already born.”

@Chantal Rada759 remarked; “Adorable little cutie who doesn’t want to be disturbed, leave me alone, I’m fine like that.”

@Lesley Eliya said; “He was used to that position,he will realize soon that its another planet!”

@help silva said; “Let him sleep peacefully!”

@Eleanor commented; “For God’s sake, don’t disturb the doll’s sleep.

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