How native doctor punished me with stroke so I can pay him his remaining N50K debt – Corper reveals (Video)

A corper narrates a harrowing experience with a native doctor who allegedly invoked stroke on her after absconding with his N50K.

According to the lady, she once struggled with a stroke and she sought treatment from the native doctor at his residence. Following the treatment, she owed him a remaining sum of N50,000 which she failed to settle.

How native doctor punished me with stroke over N50K debt – Corper

However, during a visit to get her posting letter from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) office, she accidentally hit her leg on a stone. Initially dismissing it as a minor injury, the pain persisted, becoming unbearable during a subsequent visit to the bank.

Gradually worsening, the pain hindered her ability to walk, requiring assistance from others. Eventually, she returned to the herbal doctor for assistance, only for him to admit that he spiritually invoked the pain due to her outstanding balance.

Sharing her ordeal, the corps member cautioned against seeking help from herbal doctors.

In her words;

“This was 15th December 2023. I went to collect my posting letter. While I was going there I hit my leg against a stone and I felt it was normal. Though the pain was intense as at when I hit it and I cried.

“Later I went to the bank to collect my ATM to the account NYSC open for me and I started feeling pain in my right leg. That’s when stroke happened to me.

“Before I knew it it was getting worse to the extent I could not stand. They had to help me to the car. The woman said maybe I dislocated an ankle. “So I headed to the bone doctor that was taking care of me during the stroke period when it was very intense.

“I got here and you will not believe it. The man said he sent the leg pain through the stone that I hit my leg on so I can pay him his remaining N50,000.

“Guy! I was shocked but I was still pained because I was the one that didn’t pay him his remaining money but guys this happens for real.”

Watch the video below …

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