“We accidentally had sex you can’t blame me” – Lady slams friend who called her out for snatching her boyfriend and getting pregnant for him

Lady blasts her friend who called her out for snatching her boyfriend, Obinna, and getting pregnant for him.

The friend identified as AkwaIgbo Gurl @AkwaigboG on Twitter took to the Twitter page to chronicle how she had met the lady CiCiofLagos on a job interview and they became very good friends.

However, after introducing her to her man, things went south and her friend got pregnant by her boyfriend.

Read the narration below …

“I met @CiCiofLagos
2 years ago on one job hunting WhatsApp group. We became close and it skyrocketed into what’s supposed to be genuine friendship.
I got a job in Port Harcourt two months later and moved from Lagos to PH.

Last year there was a job opening in one of our company’s subsidiary with a juicy offer. First thought that came into my head was “Cynthia will want this job”. I immediately called to notify her, which she agreed to send her CV.
Her interview was scheduled for 12th September.

She called to complain about being low on finances & coming over immediately will be a problem. I agreed to pay for her flight so she can be in PH 10th(sunday).

When she landed in Port Harcourt on Sunday, I called my man so we can take her around the city and give her a treat.

I introduced my boyfriend Obinna to her and made sure she was comfortable & had a great time. Sheltered and fed this babe for 3 weeks.

All the while, I had no idea I was wasting my time, food, money and energy on a devil.

Anytime I return from work she’s not at home which was becoming a routine. Confronted & asked about her frequent absence. According to her, she met “a nice guy”.

I can’t police a grown woman, so I told her to be careful & be security conscious because Port Harcourt isn’t safe.

She returned to Lagos in October since she didn’t pass the second phase of the interview.

Our communication reduced and I noticed she was intentionally avoiding me. Anytime I called, she won’t pick or return the calls.

I had to let her be.

Last week, our mutual I met in the same job hunting WhatsApp group posted her introduction pictures. Guess who the husband to be is? My boyfriend!!!

You want to know another joke? She is pregnant!!! PREGNANT!”

However, the friend has fired back by noting that the lady never cared about her boyfriend and what happened between them that led to her getting pregnant was totally accidental.

“My junior sister saw your tweets on someone’s Facebook page and called to inform that am been dragged on social media.
You didn’t have to put it here without finding out the whole truth.
I have been feeling bad about the whole issue and trying to look for a better way to address

We accidentally had sex one of the days you went to work and it eventually turned to a love story I can’t wipe off because of friendship. I got pregnant too. You can’t blame me for getting pregnant please. I avoided your calls when I returned to Lagos because of guilt.

Now you’ve posted it for the world to see I don’t care anymore. Do your worst.”

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