Why I no longer comment on political issues – Mr Macaroni

Adebowale Adedayo, the popular Nigerian comedian who is famously known as Mr Macaroni, has revealed why he stopped commenting on political issues in Nigeria.

Born Adebowale Adedayo, Mr Macaroni gained widespread prominence after his role in the #EndSARS protest against police brutality in October 2020.

He was also vocal during the 2023 election and at some point alleged threats against him and his family over his activism and political choice.

The skit maker has, however, been reticent about political issues in recent times.

In a recent interview on Wazobia FM, Mr Macaroni said he was no longer bothered about the happenings in the political space because the people “I am fighting for see me as a troublesome person”.

“To answer the question of being laid back. You notice that even celebrities no just too dey talk. You see Nigeria is a very funny country. Nigerians are also very funny.

“And I say it with all seriousness because I am not so happy about how things are going. You keep talking and it seems like you are the troublesome person. The same Nigerians that you speak for turn against you. They start to fight you,” he said.

“And you are asking yourself I am not looking for anything in this. I look at Nigeria and I do not think I want to get into the political space. Because it seems like the political space in Nigeria corrupts the very best of us.”

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