TBoss leaves many in awe of her striking resemblance with her daughter as she shares her throwback photo as a baby

Big Brother Naija reality star, Tokunbo Idowu, better known as TBoss, has left many in awe of the striking resemblance between herself and her daughter.

TBoss shared passport photographs of herself and her daughter, explaining the amazing transformation of her daughter into who she is today.

According to the mother of one, her daughter did not share any resemblance with her at birth, she picked the features of her family members until she started growing to look like her.

TBoss disclosed that her passport photo was taken over 3 decades (thirty years) ago and that she was stunned by that of her daughter.

She wrote, “One of the Most Popular Comments I get whenever I make a post with my Daughter is how much we look alike or how I birthed myself.

Thing is- She didn’t come out looking like me at all. Like until after a year the Only resemblances we saw were Her Cupid bow and top half of her legs Everything Else wasn’t me. Like she looked like everyone till her Granny.

Needless to say, how that made me feel🙄🥹😏😶.

However, slowly she started changing and looking like me. And now, sometimes she does stuff and when I report her, everyone says- But Who did she get that from? Gerrout Joor! is that why I’m complaining to you? And some days- Let’s just say she’s my exact Clone.

This was a passport photo I took of her, and didn’t even think much of it until months later when I wanted to put hers next to mine in my wallet, and I’ll Be D*nmed.

And Ps: These kids change every day- like they literally sleep looking one way and wake up looking completely different.

Oh, and Ps again- These photos are over 3 decades apart. That’s over 30 years of difference between them.

Wait, that blew even my mind. God is truly Awesome.

Many are in awe of the beautiful likeness between TBoss and her daughter as they took to her comment section to show love.

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