”It took me years, I decided to put myself first and take my health seriously” – Lady shares impressive weight loss transformation

Lady goes viral as she recounts how she shed 96lbs and transformed her body in one year while sharing her photos.

The lady known as Charisma Renee took to Twitter to share that she had made a decision one year ago to begin taking her health serious and went into work to lose weight.

One year later of perseverance without giving up, the lady shared her new body after she lost 96lbs.

She revealed that there were days she felt like giving up, but losing weight was one of the best decisions that she took.

“1 yr ago today I decided to put myself first and take my health seriously! 196lbs gone forever 🥹💖

The journey has been tough but I would do it all over again! I’m looking & feeling the best i’ve ever felt 🎀

I dont like how you guys are using my tweet to slander big people. people will lose weight when they’re ready! some people are okay with being the size they are and that is ok! it took me years to stay dedicated and consistent. Yall are extremely fat phobic and it shows!

and thank you for all the love and kind words. I truly appreciate it 🥹 and to answer your question, YES I HAVE LOOSE SKIN! no I have not had any cosmetic surgery done to remove any. my stomach is not extremely flat. but YES I plan on getting it removed. have a blessed day 💖”

See her post below:

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