“He is 30, she is 38” – Wofai Fada’s father-in-law reveals why he disapproved her marriage to his son (Video)

The father-in-law of Nigerian comedian and actress Wofai Fada has shed light on his disapproval of her marriage to his son.

Social media was divided after Wofai announced her engagement to her boo, Taiwo Cole. She revealed that they would tie the knot this year and shared their pre-wedding photos.

Following the announcement, Wofai Fada’s in-laws issued a disclaimer to reject her marriage to their son.

The statement noted that all acquaintances, family and friends are not aware of any marriage between their son, Taiwo Olakitan Cole and Wofai Fada, and neither was any permission granted in this regard. They advised the public to disregard any publications and documents being circulated about the wedding.

The news created a stir online as many slammed the family for their tribalism and hatred for the comedian.

Speaking out in an interview, he stated that his son had spoken to him about his upcoming nuptial to Wofai just 7 months ago and had told him that she was pregnant and wanted them to get married quickly. He had then spoken to Wofai’s father, and the two were still talking about the wedding when he was blindsided with his wedding invitation. According to him, he was shocked when he discovered his son had printed wedding invitations.

Taiwo was summoned to the palace with the elders, but he only apologised and proceeded with the wedding preparation. The father noted how his son is just 30, and Wofai is 38.

See some reactions below,

One Kai Steph wrote, “The reason the father doesn’t want the marriage is insignificant. Age really???

One Oyiza Nikki wrote, “But a 38-year-old guy can marry a 30-year-old lady. U people should please

One Ossy Archives wrote, “And so. Wetin concern love and age? We, too, na the Cole, and we are in full support

One Mahdiya Mohammed wrote, “Age doesn’t matter as long as there is love, they look happy. Love is a weird thing really; you can’t choose who you will love”.

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