Speed Darlington visits his village after 22 years, finds juju buried in compound (Video)

US-based Nigerian rapper, Darlington Okoye, popularly known by his stage name, Speed Darlington, has visited his hometown in Nigeria for the first time in 22 years.

The internet sensation made this known in a trending video of him arriving in his village compound in Arondizuogu, Ideato North local government area of Imo state.

Speed Darlington joked about everybody now knowing his location and said if the international security agency, FBI, are looking for him, they can track him to the village compound.

While entering the compound through the fence, Speed Darlington found a charm buried in the backyard and proceeded to neutralise it by peeing on the fetish item.

Akpi as he is fondly called, wondered why there were such items in his family house and after neutralising it with pee, he smashed the calabash with his leg.

Watch video below:

@Blacksodje; Man would have bin a success if he went into comedy. He has the same effect on people that Mr Ibu had. U go just dey laugh.

@IchbinEugene; He should tread carefully in his village. No be everybody wey go come greet am like am. Some have beefs /bitterness with the parent that can be transferred to him

@ChukwunyeluOrji; my own is why did he follow fence enter and not gate😃😀😄

@Creativecretic1; You will hardly find a house in anambra without a shrine, sometimes I wonder if they actually work

@VubacosmsVic; How you wan plant juju for juju himself? Akpi na Oracle himself

@matnz2000; He made it a spiritual thing, he asserted, ala wụ nkem, ọgwụ ọbụla m nyụrụ mamịrị arụọla. The power of man! Declare it and it shall pass

@BethrandD; This looks like an agwu they did for him. With his statement about ‘ebe a na akara m uka’, I hope he has options though. I also think the agwu is not effective at all, Speedo is very gifted will blow properly with the right agwu.

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