“She talks about my look, says I’m skinny and dry” – Doyin reports Venita to Big Brother

Doyin, a housemate in the BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars Edition Show, informed Big Brother during her diary session about the insults and negative words directed at her by fellow housemate, Venita.

In her conversation with Big Brother, she revealed that Venita had been trying to provoke her by calling her names and making hurtful comments about her appearance, disregarding the fact that no one has control over their looks.

Doyin went on to tell Big Brother that she had been called “skinny” and “dry” by the female housemate, but she has chosen to remain composed because she doesn’t want to come across as a victim to the viewers.

Doyin stated, “It’s not fair for somebody to be picking on me. It’s not fair I’m not trying to be a victim. I said I’m not going to cry during this diary session, so it’s not like I’m looking for pity.”

“I’m not looking for pity, I’m just saying, I just at it to be clear that there is a ma girl this going on in this house. Please that think there are other people that don’t deserve to be in the same space with and I’m not here for that.”

“I’m not going to have it. Nobody is going to make me feel like they can bully me in this house. If I can stand up for those people, best believe I can stand up for myself.”

“She talks about the way I look, she says things like ‘oh she’s skinny‘, ‘oh that’s why you’re dry’, ‘Only God knows the disease Wey you dey carry Wey you dey carry‘.”

The statement of Doyin has attracted the attention of individuals who have stormed the comment page to air their views about what she said during her diary session.

See some reactions below:

Tobiloba_O: “Doyin o, no vex. But be ready to accept what you give, that’s all.”

@ekynwamma: “She used Ike’s insecurities to haunt him and she’s here looking for pity. Hypocrite!”

@Mrcells: “I don’t feel for the both of them when they have a go at each other cos their mouths no good at all! They deserve each other.”

@Diana32050267: “Same girl that called Ceec shortest in the room… is that not an insecurity for Ceec. Doyin arisers don finish for market okay sweetie.”

@rosalov29: “She said the most nasty things to/ about IKE, Kidd, Baye, Ceec and Venita etc but she cannot take what she gives? abeg.”

@Ariesfire0: “Coming from someone that called another housemate Lipton, you’ll be fine Doyin. You’re only drinking from the same cup you serve others.”

@Hardebeamphe: “We will still vote Venita. Doyin stop all these!! When you were the head of house!! You didn’t say all these!! So,why now? Doyin!!! Oga oo.”


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