Sabinus finally meets fan who embarked on a five-day trek from Benin to Port Harcourt to see him (Video)

An adventurous Nigerian chap, going by the moniker Dark Fred, saw his fervent desire transformed into reality as he gallantly embarked on an extensive long-distance expedition from Benin, to finally come face to face with his beloved celebrity icon, Sabinus, in Port Harcourt.

In a video of his recent interview, Dark Fred confidently affirmed that he embarked on an adventurous journey on foot for a duration of five days, spanning from Monday to Friday last week, with an unwavering determination to meet comedian Sabinus, who happens to be situated there presently.


On Wednesday, August 23, Brand influencer Damian generously shared a collection of photographs that masterfully encapsulated the long-anticipated moment Dark Fred and Sabinus crossed paths yesterday.

The skit maker warmly extended his hospitality, bodly evident in their comfortable seating arrangement and the camaraderie displayed as they posed for selfies, with Sabinus placing his arm around Dark Fred.

Sabinus, during their meeting,reportedly said;

“E trek from Benin come see me, him get luck say I de around ph this period, if not, Him for trek come Lagos again

“Congratulations my bro on your trek-a-thon !! Manage Wetin I give you take enter better car go back Benin, trekking no good this period”

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