“My weight loss was natural” – Teni on her intense fear of surgery

The amazing weight loss of Nigerian singer Teni has recently drawn attention to claims that she underwent surgery to achieve it.

Teni recently vehemently argues that the rumors spreading online are not true.

Teni clarifies the situation and told her story after conjecture about her recent weight loss started to circulate.

The singer stated in an open interview that her weight loss was entirely natural.

She explained that her transformation was the result of her own resolve and willpower, putting any questions or suspicions concerning surgical treatments to rest.

She also encouraged others to do the same.

Her experience, in her opinion, can demonstrate to others that they too can lose weight with perseverance and hard effort.

Additionally, it’s important to note that Teni isn’t the only well-known person who has publicly acknowledged their weight reduction journey.

Comedienne Real Warri Pikin also made headlines for her remarkable weight loss, she revealed that “her husband said she must do surgery”

Netizens were intrigued by her rapid weight loss as her makeover caught their attention.

Addressing her fans and followers, she revealed that the decision to undergo surgery was not entirely hers, but rather influenced by her supportive husband.

Real Warri Pikin, decided to share the details of her transformation to inspire others struggling with body image issues and shed light on the realities of her journey.

The famous Nigerian woman revealed the truth about her transformation in a recent post on YouTube, where she shared an emotional video.

She revealed that she had weight loss surgery.

Warri Pikin admitted that making the decision to get the surgery was difficult and took a lot of guts on her part.

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