“My mother was angry, she forgave me with the condition that I buy a land for the family when I make money” – Man who sold family land for N5.9m to relocates to UK speaks (Video)

A young Ghanaian man, identified as Wodaada, has got many people stunned after he opened up on the circumstances surrounding his travel to the United Kingdom, UK.

In a video covered by SVTV Africa on YouTube, the man said he made up his mind to travel abroad after he completed university. However, he admitted that he didn’t have money to pay for the travel hence his decision to do the unthinkable by selling his family property.

He said, “After I realized that an opportunity had come for me to travel to the UK, I told my mother to give me the land document for safekeeping. I immediately sold the land for ¢90,000 (N5,975,999.96) and used that money to process my visa.”

The University of Education graduate said he only told the family about it when he was about to travel. “My dad was happy about it, but my mother was very angry. After some time, she forgave me with the condition that I buy a land for the family when I make money”, he revealed.

Wodaada, who has been in the UK for four weeks now works as a caregiver and is hopeful that he will redeem the promise he made to his mum.

Watch the video below:

The video triggered massive reactions as they praised the young man for his bold decision on his quest to seek pastures. Some reactions are shown below:

@eyrampriscillacudjoe7007 said, “I love this guy’s confidence and bravery. I’m happy you were able to make that bold decision”.

@achiaa6407 said, “This guys attitude as a go getter will get him fair in this country with the right support,i give him 5 years,he will go far. I wish him all best.”

@nanawusu2084 said, “I pray you become successful and help your family to the maximum. God be with you bro”.

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