Man stirs reaction as he dances like Michael Jackson beside lady in market, she pushes him away (Video)

A man known for his Michael Jackson dance impersonations failed to captivate the attention of an uninterested lady at a local market, leading to an unexpected and uncomfortable encounter.

The incident unfolded at a bustling marketplace, where the energetic TikTok dancer, decided to showcase his signature Michael Jackson dance moves.

Unbeknownst to him, the lady he targeted had no interest in his impromptu performance and appeared visibly displeased.

Despite his best efforts to entertain the surrounding crowd, the lady remained engrossed in her market activities, seemingly unmoved by the enthusiastic dancer’s efforts.

Onlookers were left in suspense as they witnessed this unusual exchange.

In an attempt to salvage the situation, the persistent dancer later featured the uninterested lady in another TikTok video, this time role-playing as a pregnant woman

He wrote;

“She was forming hard to get,

Netizens Reactions…
@Simone Belle said; “She totally played the role without even knowing.”

@Sebastian Whitecap Bussack said; “Lol did it better than me and Michael Jackson.”

@snowy said; “Its the girl’s seriousness for me she understood the assignment.”

@takue_mj said; “She smiled a win is a win, mission accomplished IMO.”

@kwame said; “Never try dem girls with colorful hair.”

@Jean_Marie_Co said; “Always glad to see MJ is immortal.”

@idmaloms said; “Guess she didn’t know she played the role.”

@Leon Wesler said; “Her smile at the end is priceless walahi.”

@Aryan Koemar Edgarin said; “Does his very best to let her Smile. So amazing.”

@virginclinton said; “People wey normal for 9ja no plenty I swr.”

See below;


Supzero Can Get you With This Moves He is A whole Mood Guess what Got The Gyal smiling At the End #viral #trending #chopdaily #pulseghana #ghanatiktok🇬🇭

♬ The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson


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