Man breaks the internet as he impregnates 5 women at the same time (Video)

A man has sparked widespread discussion on social media after reportedly impregnating five women at the same time.

In the video that has generated considerable attention, two heavily pregnant women, believed to be carrying his children, proudly displayed their bellies.

Additionally, a photo featuring the faces of the man and the five ladies he impregnated was attached to a post.

The bold actions of the man, who impregnated multiple women, prompted numerous social media users to share their thoughts in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

@IBn_ibraheem14: “Legend.”

@robin_jr6: “When child supports start coming left right and center.”

@Ikemnweze: “Why do most men get tired of their wives no matter how beautiful they’re and keep side chicks?”

@Ikemnweze: “Make I no off boxers for the wrong woman.”

@ibeenoch: “Omo this man don’t know what’s in stock for him rn.”

@mr_blogger1: “I’m happy they are cool together. Not the ones that would have finished themselves before someone could put the camera up.”

@robin_jr6: “The only man obeying the scripture “God ye into the world and multiply”


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