Leaked photo of Uche Elendu’s birth certificate exposes her age after she celebrated ’40th’ birthday

Amid controversy about her real age, a leaked photo of Uche Elendu’s birth certificate has confirmed her date of birth days after her 40th birthday celebration.

The actress who recently celebrated her birthday and revealed to fans that she was 40 was met with criticisms from netizens who alleged that she was more than that.

Shortly afterwards, a photo began circulating on the social media space and a peek at it confirmed that it was the actress’s birth certificate.

The certificate which was leaked by Stella Dimokorkokus on Instagram confirmed that the actress was true to her fans as it showed that she was born in 1983, which means she clocked 40 this year.

However some netizens still doubted her despite seeing the certificate.

Som Rej said: “To be honest I don’t know who is saying the truth and who is lying but in this our country birth certificate cannot even proof that she’s 40 or 50yrs. Believe me I’m talking from experience. Thank you.”

Purplemoonclothing_apparel wrote: “I’m not contesting her age oooo, but this is 2500naira in Lagos, the only thing that can prove your age in Naija if ire born in the 1980s is the original hospital records or your original immunisation registration card , I mean your original BCG card, you can get this issued within 2 hours at any LG in Nig . Why do we even contest people’s age sef….. oooo wrong now😂😂.”

Vwi_re commented: “It’s only in Nigeria that it’s a crime to grow old.”

Swis_obylistic said: “Anyone can pay 1k to register this, this is not a proof that she was 40. But nothing concerned me with her aged sha.”

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