Lady surprises friends as she returns to Nigeria 8 months after travelling to Canada without telling them, their reactions surface online (Video)

A video circulating online captured the reactions of her unsuspecting friends upon her surprise visit, eliciting strong emotions from viewers.

In the video, the young lady embarked on her journey to Canada without telling her of her plans. For eight months, she keeps her whereabouts concealed, leaving her friends unaware of her adventures abroad.

The woman plans a surprise return to Nigeria after eight months, stunning her friends with her unexpected arrival. The emotional reunion unfolds as her friends react with shock, joy, and disbelief at the sudden reappearance of their friend.

Watch the video below:

The heartwarming reactions of the woman’s friends upon her surprise return have been captured on camera and shared online.

Social media users thronged to comment section to share their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

abang_cut007 said, “You travel without telling me and you come back to come use me do content”.

gylliananthonette said, “You didn’t tell me and you want to surprise me? Go and surprise your mummy”.

uba_dinma said, “The First Lady looks like she has been through and needed her shoulders to cry on for long now”.

macbisy said, “D way I will carry @karounwioyindamola on top of my head run down to gbagi and back Ehn she won’t be able to understand how I would do it”.

fay_cre8tive said, “Awwww me to when I see @ladejones_ gosh 🥹🥹🥹 I miss her too much”.

ayaworanmediahouse said, “@tolusneh @thobilux una 2 see as the friend dey cry abi una 2 blind..? If them born una papa well make una no cry when una 2 see me.”

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