“Is it better to train kids in Nigeria or abroad?” – Actress Uche Elendu

Actress Uche Elendu has recently thrown a question at her followers on Instagram.

In a recent social media post, she questioned on their opinion in trainjng children in Nigeria or in the United States of America.

In her words, she had this to say.

“Is it better to train children in Nigeria or in the United States of America?”

Below are some of the reactions from her netizens. One, IJ Taint, had this to say.

“Coming from a mother who is training her kids abroad, my dear, Nigeria is better in their formative stage.”

Another netizen known as Sophie Edwards had this to say.

“Training kids abroad is not the best. They feel entitled. However, I always give glory to Almighty God.”

Another netizen known as CallMeChisi had this to say.

“Anywhere that it works for you, train them, dear. Teach them what they should know at home before they go out. Sometimes it’s not about the society, but how they were raised at home. “

Another netizen known as Vicks Vico had this to say.

“Give birth to them in America and train them in Nigeria before taking them back to America once they get older.“

Another netizen known as IamHope had this to say.
“It is much better to train children in Nigeria,”

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