“Impressive” – Primary 6 student who is a carpenter, stuns many as he arrives at school with a bag made of wood

A Nigerian student, believed to be in primary 6 and also a carpenter, has caught the attention of many on social media as he showcases the wooden bag he crafted and took to school.

In the video, the young boy is calmly seated at his desk with the wooden bag placed on it.

An individual, presumed to be his teacher, removes the bag from the table, demonstrating that it is indeed made of wood.
In acknowledgment of his talent, many individuals have flooded the comment section to share their reactions.

See some reactions below: 

Import WithSeyram: “‎Impressive.”

Alex Austine: “‎Somebody that his parents supposed send him to carpentry school to remain focus on his call.”

Hajia Naila: “‎He should carve a new president for us.”

Nyrie_brown: “‎he needs to be recognized.”

Asumwine Crescens: “‎Woww so much talent in the young chap.”

Gideon Davidson: “‎no be police Children School be that.”

Diamond_Babe: “‎wow keep it up.”


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