Nigerian lady advises UNILAG students to ditch fish and meat, reveals where to get free crabs on campus

A Nigerian lady catches attention as she advises UNILAG students against wasting money on fish and meat, revealing they can get free crabs on campus.

This is detailed in a video she shared on her social media page, where she vlogs.

The video caption reads: “UNILAG students don’t need to buy meat or fish when there are free crabs roaming everywhere.”

The lady explains that it’s a waste of money for students to spend on fish or meat when there are places around UNILAG where they can get large crabs for free.

Her video, featuring a large crab walking in what appears to be an area around UNILAG, was made available online.

Additionally, many Nigerians took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts after the video surfaced online.

See some reactions below:

Tega: “The smell drives me nuts. Those crabs when it rains and them finding their way to the hostels.”

Miss Rosalie: “When I went there, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them. But how do you cook them?”

Dammie Lola: “Growing up then,Myself and some other kids used to go down to unilag to crab hunt all the way from Ilaje Bariga.”

Great: “They’re the security timers at that Lagoon front, if you make out too long.”

REALITY: “the first day I tasted crab, I lost it, it’s horrible its liquid taste like urine.”

mo_boluwarin: “If I be unilag student crap no go come there again I go don use dem do fisher man soup tire.”

Chopit Foods NG: “you can eat them . They are land crabs, they don’t live in water, just muddy places and land.”



As a former Unilag Student , this is one of the things that kept me going . It’s so refreshing to experiencethem crabies . Part 2 next ✨ #crabhunting #crabs #crabsgonewild #mrcrabs #unilagtiktokcommunity #unilagstudents #unilag #universitylife


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