“I’ll buy you a factory” – Mercy Eke blows hot, tackles Ike as they fight over pizza (Video)

Mercy Eke, a prominent contestant from Season 8’s All-Star Edition, made waves when she confidently asserted her financial prowess and ambition, declaring her intention to purchase a pizza factory for fellow housemate Ike.

This audacious declaration came on the heels of a wager task that ignited a heated exchange between the two contestants, ultimately setting social media abuzz with a frenzy of reactions.

The dramatic sequence of events unfolded during a wager task that required the housemates to ration a limited supply of pizza slices, thoughtfully provided by the show’s organizers.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Ike, the incumbent Head of the House, intervened to prevent Mercy Eke from distributing pizza slices beyond her own allotment. Her initial aim was to extend a slice of pizza to Frodd, another housemate she held in high regard.

Mercy Eke’s bold declaration of purchasing a pizza factory sparks heated exchange with Ike

The ensuing confrontation between Ike and Mercy Eke rapidly escalated, revolving around the distribution of pizza slices and the extent of authority vested in the Head of the House.

However, what truly caught the attention of the spectators was Mercy Eke’s unwavering proclamation of her plans to procure an entire pizza factory for Ike.

This assertion not only left her fellow housemates in a state of disbelief but also set off a cascade of discussions across various social media platforms.

Netizens Reactions…
@nayassignature: “Please people should stop bullying this guy or looking down on him. I pray he wins hoh again.”

@Vera: “Mercy expected him to give her extra in the name of frood but this time he stood for himself and said no and she can’t believe it.”

@Moh B: “Biggie not praising Mercy affected her emotions here. Venita is not ur fight. Make u chill.”

@Rebbeka97: “Mercy is wrong for this. Wager is for everyone. Thank you Ike. HOH IS FOR ONE.”

@Jboy wise 13: “Na because say big brother no praise am for queen role na why she dey vex.”

@Shipal Love: “Mercy and Venita should stop they should respect Ike head of house.”

@Sarah: “Na simple thing happen here, mercy wanted to take for droid because he was not there yet and na matter of food so she has to help her bff, then hoh.”

Video below….


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