I was shot and the bullet did not penetrate me – Pastor Isaiah Macwealth

In a recent development, a pastor known as Pastor Isaiah Macwealth has recently narrated how he was shot at close range and the bullet did not penetrate him.

He expressed that he had been met with by some armed men and during the altercation, they had shot him with an AK-47 gun. However, the bullet had not penetrated him rather it had dropped to the ground.

He also went on to show in a video how close the armed robber was to him. He expressed that he had pleaded the name of Jesus and Jesus had saved him. He further told his congregants that when they shout the name of Jesus, they should shout it with so much faith and not just because it has worked for some people but because they really truly believe in what they are saying.

Now recall that yesterday, Tontrends had reported a man of God, had come on social media to do a video where he revealed that the world was coming to an end soon. He stated that rapture was going to happen and that the date for rapture would be on the 25th of April 2024. He also further expressed that it was no joke and that people should come close to Jesus.

However, some netizens struggled with his statement as they expressed that Jesus had revealed that the son of man would come when nobody expected him so he was not supposed to know the specific date.

Now, a few months ago, in a viral video on social media, a man of God had been spotted castigating couples on Valentine’s Day. He revealed that couples should not use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to fornicate. He further stated that people who celebrate Valentine’s Day are Oloshos, in other words, prostitutes. He preached against oneself yourself just because it is Valentine’s Day especially if you are not married.

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