“I don’t know how to keep friends” ­- Singer, Kizz Daniel speaks

Kizz Daniel, the world-famous Afrobeats sensation has revealed that he does not know how to keep friends even though he happens to a lot of people.

The 29-year-old father of two made this known in a recent chat with Apple Music 1’s Nandi Madida.

The Nigerian Afropop star said he is a reserved yet happy boy that does not know how to check up on people.

“A lot has been happening for quite a while now but I have not been able to talk much about it. The album ‘Maverick’ came as an avenue for me to share my thoughts with my fans and my people,” he began.

“‘Red and Green,’ which is the first song on the album, is just simply describing who Kizz Daniel is. I am a happy boy, I don’t know how to keep friends, I don’t know how to check up on people, that is the reality, that is just me. I am an introvert, a reserved guy, this is me, all the same, I am a happy boy.”

Vado, as the singer cum songwriter is also called, also discussed the future of Afro-R&B saying, “I think I’m loving Afro-R&B now. Afro-R&B now is crazy – look at Libianca [sings ‘People’] – like there’s something special about Afro-R&B and me personally my next project is going to be, probably, all about that.”

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