I didnt marry to endure but to enjoy, the Bible said I should not be alone – Gospel singer, Paul Nwokocha reveals why he decided to marry a new wife, one month after his ex wife packed out of their home

Popular Nigerian gospel singer, Paul Nwokocha has revealed why he decided to get married to his new wife, Goodness one month after his first wife, Alice packed out of their matrimonial home.

Recall that on Saturday, the Abia-born gospel artist got married to Goodness after his 20 year old first marriage with Alice collapsed.

Speaking about why he got married to his new wife shortly after his marriage ended, Paul Nwokocha revealed that the bible told him not to be alone.

He went on to talk about what he went through during his marriage to Alice.

According to him, Alice stopped cooking for his even though he was providing for their family.

He had to leave the marriage just to stay alive to preach the gospel.

Paul said even though they are no longer together, he still provide for his children.

In his words;

“I decided to marry my new wife, Goodness, one month after my ex wife packed out of our matrimonial home because the Holy Bible said “Paul Nwokocha” should not be alone.

I am still performing my duties to my children as their father, i didn’t discard them, i cloth them, pay their school fees and feed them, i also pay the rent of the house they live.

The only thing is that i decided to be alive to preach the gospel.

To me, marriage is not for better for worse rather for better to the best, i didnt marry to endure but to enjoy.

My ex wife, Alice stopped giving me food not minding that i give her money for the running of the house every month, I was living as an outcast in my home.”

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